What influence for Brand Engagements?

Ever experience that you have a strong relationship with a brand when you are about to make the purchase intention? Let’s see what Influence For Brand Engagements?

We all have our internal bonds and commitments with some items we purchase. We unconditionally have relationships with that specific product and it made an emotional connection with the brand. This brand engagement of clients makes it much easier for the companies to create more loyal and valuable client portfolio in their business potentials.

This brand engagement with consumers spread over a vast area. It generates many more leads while obtaining employee engagement with the brand helps to further solidify and build the brand ultimately improving the brand for consumers. Are you all have any special relationship and bond with any more specific brands? let’s go further then.

Social media has given a new colour for this brand engagements. As we all know ZMOT plays a major role in consumer behaviour. Before making the purchase intention, people spend more time on gathering and searching the details related to the item they intend to purchase. Did you know that, In this scenario, it is expected to have a significant role in building increasingly experiential relationships with consumers, namely brand relationships? Then the consumers tend to reach for a specific product brand among the thousands of other commercial brands in the market and social platforms.

Does your brand name matter ?

Yes of course. It’s not just a word. Branding is the summary of your whole story. It matters to your whole progress and the programme. It directly involves with your company employees, customers and future potentials. Surveying your customer base, the market, and your employees can identify the level of brand engagement that exists today and can identify key action items to increase brand engagement across these key populations. That’s why there is a significant increase in the importance of managing the brand name. Content marketing also provides inherent support to place brand name mon consumers mind. It is clear that brand engagements always create your company with a prestigious and loyal client portfolio around your visibility.

Theoretical framework and research hypotheses

Brand engagement leverages social media, using branded communications that add value and keep consumers actively involved. Bizmo Technologies, a digital marketing company in Sri Lanka has referred a research article done By Ms B N A Abeygunarathna on “Factors that influence users of brand communities engaging with community posts” to understand consumer behaviour and understand What Influence For Brand Engagements? Data was gathered using a quantitative method approach, through an online survey, based on virtual brand communities.

In fact, as an increasing number of companies invest time and money in social media and brand communities,
uncertainties regarding the ROI of these investments remain. As such, managers seeking to optimize their social media presence, need further insights into members and their brand relationships. This raises the importance of exploring what drives customers to engage with virtual social network brand communities and, to what extent, customer engagement behaviours lead to successful marketing outcomes

Therefore through this research conducted over 50 individuals, they have realizes that woman are much more attached to brand engagements. Since they are addicted to online shopping and online surfing than men, women intend to get more attracted to brands.

Yes. It is not surprising that smartphone usage has rapidly increased has As we mentioned earlier, it is not the last stage of purchasing the product. Like window shopping we do physically, people intend to shop virtually rather than making the purchase. They do research about the products and share their ideas and experience with others.

What influence for brand engagements to engage in virtual social network brand communities?

Actually you know, The study was based on the analysis of CE in Facebook brand pages. The customer tends to be engaged for information, entertainment and economic benefit reasons. Their influence in CE is expected to be different according to the engagement level (activity/behaviour type). The engagement activity, which results from motivational drivers can range from “Like” to “Share”, with varying levels of intensity and interaction intent.

The target population of this study were Social media users, who joined a brand page. The survey was developed on Google Forms, and its link was shared through email and what’s app. The goal was to investigate the factors that influenced customers to engage in brand community posts on virtual social network sites, considering social
media engagement

“Concerning the reasons that drive respondents to engage with brand pages, Entertaining content shows the highest correlation of 95.3 followed by Informational 92.9 and Economic content of 91.7. It is clear that Members highlight the importance of Social media as an entertaining channel” (B.N.Abegunarathna, Factors that influence users of the brand, 2020)

When it comes to the conclusion, it is possible to understand that different types of consumers have different interactions with the brand and for different reasons, impacting brand engagement in different ways.