Can Sri Lankan Instagram models do effective brand endorsements?

Are you interest to know how Sri Lankan Instagram models engage in Brand endorsements ?

Instagram Behavior of Sri Lankans

According to the stats of 2018-2019 Sri Lanka has reported 1,027, 400 Instagram users in Sri Lanka. which accounted for 4.9% of its entire population.

So, 70% of the majority of users are males.

On the other hand ,females hold 30% of the Sri Lankan user base for Instagram.

BIZMO Technology who is known as the best digital marketing company in Sri Lanka for digital brand strategy and digital marketing strategy development has done independent analysis about best Instagram models in SL

.This full article based on their study findings


Even though female representation on Instagram is 30% of Sri Lankan user’s majority of them having a high fan base and dominating most of the top ranks of Instagram influences of SL based on followers.

First 5 top high ranked Instagram influences in our country

(based on number of followers)

RankName# of Followers
1Piyumi Hansamali1.3 M
2Sachini Nipunsala816 K
3Shalini Tharaka664 K
4Oshadi Himasha603 K
5Yureni Noshika588 K

Table 1 : Ranks of Sri Lankan best Instagram models based on the number of followers (Source:

As you can see in table 1, No male representation within in first 5 ranks

BRAND ENDORSMENTS of Sri Lankan instagram models

However, as these Instagram influencers are in brand endorsements, BIZMO technology has done further analysis of the effectiveness of their power of influence.

In this study, BIZMO has introduced a scoring system based not only on the fan base but also based on user engagement with a particular profile.

According to the study of BIZMO, “Follower base has a correlation with brand influencing power but it should mediate positively with engagements of followers”.

Therefore, they introduced a new score system to evaluate the brand influencing the power of these best Instagram models.

Score according to the user base

Name# of FollowersEngagement rateAvg. LiksAvg. CommentsScore
Piyumi Hansamali1.3 M1,75%23628283.9241
Sachini Nipunsala816 K1.43%11466.70188.9222
Shalini Tharaka664 K0.87%5685.2089.8012
Oshadi Himasha603 K1.06%6226.64140.8415
Yureni Noshika588 K0.55%3199.3222.809
Table 2 : BIZMO, Digital Marketing Company’s Score according to the user base and engagements

According to this scoring system made by this digital marketing company, we can see changes in ranks 3 and 4 where Oshadi Himasha taking the place of Shalini Tharaka.

However, according to the deep analysis of followers’ comments for post shares in each profile, it is vital to analysis about the reasons for people following them via Instagram.

Therefore, in this study, BIZMO has conducted a liver user survey to identify real brand influencers in above top rank holders and brand influencing power of them.

In this survey ,following questions asked from the public users via

1)Who is your favorite female Instagram star

2) Reasons for your choice( I like her acting /singing / work , I like her as a person, She posts sexy photos, I like to follow her fashions, I like to follow her life style, I get infomation about new products from following her)

3) Did you follow any of her style / brands that she use

According to the users responses, see below for the summary

RankNameVote Percentage
1Yureini Noshika15%
2Umaria Singhawansha12%
3Shalini Tharak11%
4Oshadi Himasha10%
5Sachini Nipunsala10%
Table 3 : Response to the survey conducted by Bizmo technology.

Piyumi Hansamali kicked out

Moreover According to these findings from one of the best digital marketing company in SL, we can see Yureini Noshika has earn the perception from Instagram than any other leading models of Instagram.

Piumi Hansamali who has the highest followers base and had the highest score according to the follower’s engagement has lost her position not only from the 1st place but also from the first five places. In other words , Umaria Sinhawansha who were within leading ranks has become number 2.

Similarly , According to the answers for the 2nd and 3rd questions, you can see most of them observe them just to see her photos or get updates about new  work.

Therefore Just 30% user base had look for some kind of brand these influences has endorsed

However, from the above survey made by, In conclusion we can say even though these best Instagram models have very limited power in brand endowment in our country.

Meanwhile, whenever you select character through Instagram to endorse your brand you can refer above information

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Source : BIZMO Technology , Member of Techxo Ltd,UK | Best digital marketing company in SL for digital strategy, digital brand strategy development and execution

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