5 best digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka(2020)

Gone are the days when people spent their leisure time in front of the TV. Be it their leisure time or even during office breaks most people are drawn towards scrolling down on social media either with or without a purpose. If you check in to a couple of randomly selected places such as a bus stop or a bank, you are bound to spot numerous people perusing through their phones. Thus, it is clear that the digital world has already captured the present. So, what does it has in store for the future?

When it comes to business and strategy making, it is obvious that you need to invest your marketing in a scope where people are present and are ready to engage. This narrows it down to digital media at present. Thus, it denotes that digital marketing is what you need to be investing on when you need your marketing to have an impact on your target audience. It is true that traditional methods of marketing has kept businesses going up to now, but if you are more concerned about your revenue, you need to focus on gaining more engagement and since the millennials and the Gen Z (who amounts to a vast productive percentage in the overall population)  are more tech savvy, so should be your marketing methods.

Now since social media has become an ongoing craze, there are numerous marketers trying to sell their products here. But not all of them works. To gain more sales and leads you need to drive traffic to your website or social media account. But how is the question?

For your perusal we have listed down 5 of the best digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka:

It is evident that emarketingeye has shown great accomplishments with the difference that they created in the marketing of mainly the hotel industry. They have been able achieve a massive number of awards which also means that they may have developed their skills on targeting them which could gain their company itself great recognition.

Ranking among them is also the company Loops who have shown excellence through the years with their iconic strategies, & creative content marketing. Thus, it is obvious that the more creative you get in this field, the more recognition you will gain.

Bizmo Technology was seen to be following some extraordinary concepts with regard to this booming field. Among the digital marketers in Sri Lanka they have been notorious for providing innovative solutions at an affordable price to different client segments. The value factor of this was seen when they were successful in obtaining organic engagement for most of their strategic productions.

Pixel Clear showed a great performance in SEO in the beginning of 2020. SEO is a crucial factor with regard to digital marketing and maintaining your rank among the SERPs first page’s first few positions needs ideal marketing skills to perform. So as for the year 2020 so far, Welldone, Pixel Clear!

Orix Marketing have shown a great significance in the industry over the years. They too have served high-end clients and have been successful with due regard to strategical involvement within their creations.

Thus, if you are a businessman seeking for a higher revenue, it is imperative that you treat your company with a cup of digital marketing to generate leads. Because since digital marketing has already made us immune to other media, it is more likely that it will dominate the business market in the future!

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels