oil Spills in the ocean

” Have you ever interested to know about the oil spill accidents in the ocean?

Oil Spills In The Ocean are created after the release of liquid petroleum Hydrocarbon in the environment because of human behaviour.

Currently, it has become a major threat to the marine and aquatic environment of the whole world. Many Countries invest millions of dollars on preventing and clearing the major impact caused due to oil spills.

As you all know fuel has become one of the major energy sources of the world. Since only a few countries are capable of owning oil mines. Therefore these energy sources are transported from one country to another place. In addition, Venezuela is rank in the top of the list with 300 billion barrels of oil reserves. Many middle east countries depend on crude oil transportation as their main income source. Hence due to this uneven distribution, crude oil is being transported through pipes or ships across the ocean.

Do you know?

It is estimated that approximately 706 million gallons of waste oil enter the ocean every year

What is the major cause of oil spills?

Most of the oil spills are occurred due to the accidents caused by the ships in the ocean. Peoples careless mistakes create a huge impact on the marine environment of our nature when they engage in oil refining, handling, transporting and, storage and use of crude oil. The impacts caused cannot be re-corrected for decades if the aquatic environment gets damaged due to this unrespectful behaviour.

It is the responsibility of individuals and the government to maintain the coastal area is a well maintain manner and high concentration should be given when transferring oil from one place to another through ocean lines,

Oil Spill in the ocean
One of the Oil Spill in the ocean

“Deep water Horizon” oil Spill is recorded as the largest accident

The oil spill occurred in Gulf Mexico on 20th April 2010 , is considered as the largest oil spill in the history. 12 men lost their lives due to the explosion in the oil tanker creating the worst damage to the environment.

It is mentioned that oil spill continued over three months continuously and 53000 barrels of were oil were flowing to the gulf of mexico daily. The harm caused to the environment cannot be counted exactly.

According to the Centre for Biological Diversity, over 82,000 birds, 25,900 marine mammals, 6,000 sea turtles and tens of thousands of fish were killed after this devastation.

This may result in the end up of certain aquatic species for their life span

” New diamond Supertanker ” caught on fire recently

A supertanker carrying 2 Mn barrels of crude oil caught of fire near Sri Lanka on 03rd September 2020. It is a Panamanian-registered oil tanker. It consists of 270,000 metric tons of crude oil and 1700 metric tons of diesel. A sudden fire occurred in the kitchen has spread over the engine room and disconnected the connection of the ship

Out of 23 crew members , 22 were rescued by the Sri Lankan army after a adventures mission.If the tanker got exploited,This would have created one of the worst environmental impacts on the world’s maritime 

Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island which is famous as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Pasikuda, Arugam bay, Pigeon Islands and Trincomalee Natural harbour are world-famous as eye-catching tourist destinations.

The whole aquatic environment would have been destroyed if crude oil got mixed up in seawater.
Probably, Millions of animals might lose their lives.

Also, Coral Reaves aged thousands of years would have been damaged and white sands may be covered with thick black layers with crude oil for many years

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Impact to the environment through Oil Spills

Oil spills create the worst environment hazard to the aquatic environment of the nature.

The ultimate damage cannot be clearly counted since the harm will be reflected for many years ahead.Mammals , Marine birds, fish and corals will face to the immediate catastrophe. Birds and mammals will undergo hypothermia disease

Oil destroys the insulating ability of fur-bearing mammals, such as sea otters. This will expose these creatures to the harsh elements. Without the ability to repel water and insulate from the cold water, birds and mammals will die from hypothermia. The metabolic and physiologic processes get decreases while respiration and heart get continuously drop to a lower rate.

The immunity functions and reproductive systems of Dolphins and Whales will be harmed. As they are unable to inhale pure oxygen due to oil layers in the water, their lungs are supposed not to work properly. At the same time, birds will poison with oil, when they try to clean themselves through water

Fish and other corals will be later to get affected by this disaster. They may not be exposed to the health factors immediately. But after getting exposed to the oil, fish may reduce their reproduction growth, high heart rates, increase in respiration and enlarged livers.

It’s not only for animals. Human too will be suffocated through these bad impacts of oil spilling in the ocean. Such as Decrease of immunity levels, liver damages, reproductive damages and most importantly cancer risk may increase vastly.

When it considered from the economic side, the fishery industry and tourism will be highly affected and the cost is unable to mitigate or calculated. finally, it is each and everyone’s responsibility to save the marine environment and keep is safe for future generations.