By Evan JaksonAugust 15, 2017

Fidget spinner, a toy which had originally been invented in the 1990’s gained a sudden popularity this year. It is a toy with a ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort. This falls into the category of stress relieving toys as it helps people with the fidgeting disorder to release their ‘nervous energy’ and psychological stress. However, this news may not help in releasing your stress.

A battery operated fidget spinner has reportedly been caught on fire while being charged for 45 minutes in a home in Alabama, USA. Luckily, a resident who was aware of the minor fire caused by the incident has been able to put the fire off before it caused severe damage. The reason behind this fire was that the spinner did not come with the custom charger. Therefore the user had to use an alternative charger to charge the spinner. This mismatch had caused the device to catch fire. Therefore it is quite apparent that any battery operated device should be charged with its relevant charger. A similar incident was reported in Michigan, USA where another battery operated fidget spinner caught fire while being charged.

Following the above mentioned incidents, the US government body has imposed safety guidance for battery operated fidget spinners in order to prevent such hazards from happening. The consumers must also pay attention about the devices they put for charging.

Not only fire hazards, but the fidget spinners are also open to the possibility of choking hazard as they consist of smaller pieces that can cause choking hazards. Children have been warned not to put fidget spinners in their mouths.

Last but not the least, the most daunting hazard of all hazards is the possibility of getting punctured by these fidget spinners. Recently a BBC watchdog investigation was carried out to check these spinners and it was revealed that most of the spinners that are in sale in the UK can puncture the skin. Not stopping there, what if the spinner damaged your eyes? Shockingly these test spinners in the shape of a “death star” or “shuriken” where chosen from those which were marked as “toys for children” on eBay. A spokesperson for eBay has stated that since these items are hazardous they will be immediately removed. This indeed makes it amusing to state that fidget spinners exist to fascinate children and to fluster parents.

Finally, concerning all factors the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has advised people to avoid charging such toys overnight. The commission demanded all retailers to make sure all the fidget spinners that are marketed at children of age 12 and under meet the US Toy Standard ASTM F963-16.

So what leaves me enthralled is the fact that even the so called meek products can be aggressive and hazardous. Therefore it is in the hands of both the producers and sellers to introduce safe and reliable products to the open market but the buyers are equally responsible to select the ideal option.

News source “BBC technology

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