By Evan Jakson (Interview)July 24, 2017

Regit allows users to own their personal information! With our application, users can share personal information to selected businesses for various purposes (doctors, memberships, applications) all at a click of a button! No need to repeat the same information over and over. As for businesses, they benefit from having clean and updated information all the time – no time required to reconcile data, and less prone to errors.

Vision of Regit
We are the Forever Customer Platform. Regit help businesses find their forever customer. Regit’s vision is to be a leader in providing users and business with a secure and easy platform to exchange personal information.

Here is an interview we had with Cindy Nguyen , Co-Founder of Regit

How did you come up with this idea ?

I’ve dealt with dirty data throughout my career and became obsessed with the problem and how to solve it. My co-founder experienced this problem from a different perspective, he shared his information to every contest he can get a hold of and ended up winning the spam lottery. His information was leaked and there was nothing he can do about it – no tool to update your information when there is a change, and every business has different requirements for updates.

He has experience in Risk Management and Compliance in the banking industry, where as I was a marketer who cared more about data quantity rather than quality (basically I was amongst the people that encouraged the plagued of dirty data also known as incorrect, incomplete, outdated customer data). Together we come from a very different perspective and experience to make Regit a reality. With Regit, compliant and formless communication platform that simplifies the way business and end-users exchange information. One-click to share your information, no more forms. And the bonus is that we help businesses comply with Person Data Protection Act, because all interactions on the platform require consent, and data is automatically up-to-date. Our platform solves a 3 Trillion USD problem that is only going to get worst every year. The amount of money businesses are spending to solve this problem is equally staggering 105 Billion! To find out more, please not hesitate to contact us

What was your core product?
At the core of Regit is the digital handshake. That is how we keep the data clean and help business comply to Personal Data Protection Regulations.  Once a handshake is agreed to, when the individual change a relevant piece of information, the people and businesses you have a handshake with, are automatically notified of the change. Fill your information once and use it for any purpose.

Whats your level of business now?
it’s our first month of going live and we have 1 paying customer. We just ended our trials with 6 businesses from various sectors to prove our use case. We are focusing our the needs of our customers and catering our product to solve their biggest pain point.

What is your strategy for the future?
Executing our business plan and meeting our milestones. Ensuring we understand our customer’s pain point inside and out to deliver them a product that helps them be efficient and add value to their company’s operations. In terms of technology, implementing blockchain to enhance our sharing economy on Regit, data localization, and APIs

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