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Have you ever thought that culture would kick people off from the office ??        

Probably you will say ,”  Not possible “… But now it is no more a dream.

Being one of the pioneers in innovative software solutions in Sri  Lanka , Insharp technologies has introduced the new concept called  – People and Culture Management – to replace the old styled Human Resource Management for the first time in Sri Lanka placing a new milestone in the software industry.

If I ask what comes to your mind when you imagine a picture inside a software company ,

Surely you will say , ” employees with bend headed seated in front of a laptop.”

But without focusing only on technology and mechanisms, they focused towards the requirements of the staff . They treat them as people and see them as people.

No more as ” Human resource ” with the HRM  perspectives on their minds.

‘ Fed up with stressful weekdays ?????

99% will hate on Mondays since they all have to go to the office . Because in an ordinary office normally company tries to pressurize their members and squeeze the best out of them. But never pay much attention to their personal behavior, happiness, freedom, and willingness towards work.

So the best solution came up as ‘ people and culture management ” .

What is this people and culture management?

Rather than implementing complex HRM policies and procedures, Insharp focused to sharpen their members through the culture inside the organization. Group works, team spirit, unity, sharing and caring will highlight those features. An organization should concentrate on proper data analysis and behavioral changes in their staff engagement activities.

Identifying this combination will widen the doors for their success,Insharp came up with an innovative concept again. So they have established a Department for People and Culture, to replace HRM, which is headed by Ms.Wathsala Dissanayaka , who has experience over 15 years at Ceylinco General Insurance.  She has completed her Masters in Human Resource Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

The conversation started with the question asking,

‘ Why Insharp ?’  

   “ You may find many software companies around you. But innovation is the secret behind this company. Rather than doing the same thing, this team gives something new to the world. Within a decade they hold a prominent place in the Software market. The collaboration of Insharp Technologies , Csuit HR and Eten Inc will deliver the best to their local and international clients’

It is a company which will always listen to the heartbeat of their employees.So then why it is none other than Insharp ?? “, – Wathsala replied as the start for the conversation.

Is this Combination important than Human Resource Management?

‘ Absolutely Yes,.. there’s a vast difference between Human Resource Management and Culture Management. Through this new concept, we try to maintain a joyful and stressless environment inside the organization. People analytics will be the key feature. We should concentrate on the inner feelings of the staff members as well. Their career goals, life challenges, development requirements, and personal assistance will be focused through this process.We cannot utilize the maximum talents of an employee if he/she is not happy with what he is doing .That’s why we consider culture management is more important than Human Resource Management. Finally, I would say that happy and friendly working environment would pursue the staff to feel office as same as their homes.

“ Since the software industry is one of the most competitive industries, proper value has to be given to the employees. Unless staff turn over might affect the productivity of the company”

“Training, grooming, counseling, group work, team spirit, data analysis and the flexible hierarchy of management will lead to the combination of people and culture management ” Wathsala further elaborated.

How difficult it as a woman?

She ended the conversation with a smile on her face saying,

 “ It’s been quite challenging.But I would like to guide them towards the correct path. As a manager, we should influence on a person’s’ behavior. But should not make orders.So women are the most suitable characters to make an influence on persons’ behavior “.


Mr.Rangana Samarasinghe – CEO of Insharp Technologies , raised his words on behalf of the company.

Innovation is the key concept of Insharp.So we always try to deliver something beyond the expectations. Through this new department, we will look at our employees with a new perspective.

 “Motherly attitudes of a woman can touch the heart  of employees and will be able to maintain a good relationship with the staff .So to bring out the best in a team , we appointed a lady as the head ” , he further elaborated on their new decision .

This is another new start by Insharp Technologies. At last , but not least, I should say ,

” probably Insharp would step an extra mile beyond the success with this new concept ,


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