A marriage between something deliciously indulgent and incredibly nutritious

By Evan JaksonJuly 26, 2017

“A healthy yet a delicious ice – cream”, does it sound like an unattainable mission or a dream for all heath conscious foodies all over the world. With Oppo your dream is now a reality. The idea is the brain child of two brothers Harry and Charlie. After a Q & A session with the... Read More
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Regit, the forever customer platform

By Evan Jakson (Interview)July 24, 2017

Company’s vision? We are the Forever Customer Platform. Regit help businesses find their forever customer. Regit’s vision is to be a leader in providing users and business with a secure and easy platform to exchange Read More
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Tapkey transforms your smart phone into smart keys

By Mona BauernfeindJuly 14, 2017

Tapkey GmbH is dedicated to the creation and proliferation of secure mobile access in a digitally connected world. The company’s signature Tapkey solution uses patented technology to transform smart phones into smart keys, Read More
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Take the guessing out of gifting with “Lolly List”

By Kathryn AllenJune 30, 2017

Celebrations are one of life’s true pleasures – from birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to everyday thank you’s and congratulations. I love to give little (or big) gifts to show how much I care, but there is always Read More
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“Corage dolls” way to have “a girl like me”

By Flora Ekpe-IdangJune 30, 2017

Journey To The Need For Representation Kennesaw, Georgia – May 22, In high school, Flora Ekpe-Idang Founder & CEO of Corage Dolls, remembers putting her thoughts into words while watching the documentary, “A Girl Like Me”. “It was frustrating Read More
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Experience of a physical classroom into a virtual space

By Amir AziziJune 30, 2017

Inkerz is an online collaboration platform, powered by pen & paper. Our platform allows people to write simultaneously on the same virtual piece of paper… on screen! We are able to capture any note-taking, Read More
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