By Evan JaksonJuly 26, 2017

“A healthy yet a delicious ice – cream”, does it sound like an unattainable mission or a dream for all heath conscious foodies all over the world. With Oppo your dream is now a reality.

The idea is the brain child of two brothers Harry and Charlie. After a Q & A session with the founders, we were able to have an insight of this amazing business idea. Here is what they shared with us,

Starting our conversation I brought in my first question. “How did it start with Oppo?” in came an impressive story about the initiation of the business. “It all started in 2011 when we were on a Brazilian kite Buggy adventure. We survived on coconuts and other wild fruits growing along the coastline. We found they were both deliciously indulgent and incredibly nutritious” As a result to answer the question “why can’t the most indulgent foods be healthy? What about ice cream” Oppo was born as a very unique initiative.

Almost all successful businesses have a very rough start. In 2012 Charlie had left his job and got in the kitchen while sleeping on Harry’s sofa to develop what became Oppo. Shortly after, he was joined by Harry to continue the mission.

It had taken 25 months to develop Oppo but now they have 4 favors namely Salted Caramel with Lucuma, Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina, Madagascan vanilla with Baobab and Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut. The product is in over 1700 stores throughout the UK incluing Waitrose , co-op , whole Foods, Holland & Barret, Budgens and Ocado.

Next we thought of understanding the uniqueness of the Product. “What do you bring to the table?” I asked. “We bring something completely new to the table. A marriage between Health and indulgence food.

Oppo is made using fresh milk, virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf and is just 40 calories per scoop; that’s 60% less sugar and calories than regular ice cream. With both a Great Taste Award and official EU approved health claim, Oppo really has made it possible to indulge healthily.

The public response to Oppo seems very positive. This is what the founders had to say about its current status “Currently we are stocked in 1,800 retail stores, sell directly to the national wholesalers, Bidvest, Brakes, and Stratford Fine Foods, and are distributed across the UK through numerous contract caterers”.

The recent launch of their 4th flavour, Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut was a great success. In June 2017, Oppo became the best-selling ice cream in Wholefoods.

For the consumer, Oppo is a unique product. It is an award-winning ice cream, but all natural and with a fraction of the calories and sugar of regular ice cream. This means that Oppo appeals to a broad and a diverse consumer base.

Next we asked about their strategy for the future . 

“Our mission is to make Oppo and healthy indulgence synonymous. We want to try build on our existing accounts, while exploring expansion abroad. New product development is also a key focus. We want to expand the product base to multiple food and drink categories, each the market leader in their ‘healthy indulgence’ sub-category.

It is quite common for a business to have competitors so we asked about their main competitors.

“Oppo is unique. There isn’t another ice cream out there like us! Its UK’s only dairy ice cream with an EU Authorised Health Claim”

“We believe food that isn’t both healthy and indulgent is broken. They don’t have to be opposites; Oppo fuses them together. So go and enjoy some healthy ice cream!” the founders of Oppo added some final thoughts at the end of the interview.

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