By Deborah DixnoJune 30, 2017

Apple annually patents a number of technologies, but none is as critical as one of his latest inventions do.

Not satisfied with the patented wonderful invention of a non-paper, Apple decided that ordinary pizza boxes simply not white and shiny world in which the work was. Look at the circular, Apple approved pizza box to put an end to all the pizza boxes.

The box, whose design is patented by Apple, is made for staff to make 4000-seat staff pizzas.

Posted in 2012 – with a box apparently signed as a sign of respect for the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs. According to the patent, the new and improved invention of circular pizzahouer is attributed to Apple’s head of food services, Francesco Longoni. It was designed for use in Apple Mac Caffè computers and the new Apple Park Cafe.

Apple, the invention of the pizza box Francesco Longoni, head of the company’s food services, attributed. Although it is not clear if the pizza box will soon be behuisingskoekies indicate the patent that is designed for use in dining areas of the company, so only employees can get their hands on the next big thing in the pizza boxes.

The patent describes a “container is structurally stable enough to contain an element in a variety of applications and also the environment”. It has holes in the top to allow moisture to escape as possible, apparently to prevent soggend pizzas is that workers can be brought back to their pods.

The patent, which was first published in 2012, describes how the box can be easily stacked and have a “plurality” reef, “which allows moisture to be withdrawn from the food is removed from the food.

While the table for a time used by Caffe Apple canteen Mac, will be especially useful in the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino Park, which began the staff on the move.

The concentric rings according to the patent, support the base of the pizza while providing an air gap between the carton and the base of the carton. Cut the lid on the floor, and pull the integrity of the side wall to keep the whole thing under the weight of hungry eyes, under the weight of hungry eyes as you get back to your desk.

Unlike standard pizza boxes full in both round and rectangular to accommodate pizzas, Apple’s box, which was initially reported by Wired in his look at the innovation of Apple Park previously quoted by GrubStreet New Food blog York, Circular. A hinge on the side allows users to open and access their pizzas. It can be made from recycled materials, such as molded fiber according to the patent.

How do you look stupid would Domino and other pizzerias, and continue to use basic square boxes that barely change has been using since World War II, when moulded fibre revolutions like this are available in the world? What’s next on the list of Apple packaging greatness? Kebab boxes are pretty awful.

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